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Tired of wasting countless hours, courses, books, and videos to pass CISSP?
You know why many aspirants fail Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) or give up in the middle?

Not having the right Plan, approach and Mentorship 

Good Part is - We are here to help!

About us

Cybernous is a group of CISSPs working live in Cybersecurity Industry and are highly passionate to help others get CISSP Certified. We are on a mission to get 100+ students certified in CISSP by end of 2023

The idea has evolved from passion and strong intent to deliver back to society by sharing our 2 decades of Cybersecurity expertise to fellow NextGen professionals

What makes us different?

Mission CISSP is the only unique training and mentoring program, which can change your mindset and just not the knowledge status.
Do you know an open but hidden secret? The objective of (ISC)2 CISSP exam is to test your mindset and approach towards solving Cybersecurity related problems through Risk based approach. But barely few understand this secret and those who understand and practice, SUCCEED!

This is the only program to provide you a solid foundation for your CISSP Success.


100 Days CISSP Preparation Plan 

It's the world's only End-to-end CISSP  preparation (NOT A BOOTCAMP) desinged for guarenteed success !

300+ hours of detailed CISSP Videos with Live questions practice on Weekends

Access to 300+ hours of videos -  presentation based & free flow whiteboarding sessions 

Access to world class exam engine Over 2500 CISSP Practice Questions

90 days access to the most popular CISSP preparation exam engine containing over 2500 questions

Live Community & group support from  40+ CISSPs 

Get Connected with a wide community of CISSP aspirants and CISSP professionals who are always there to support 

Your one-stop solution for CISSP

Get all what you need to pass the CISSP in one single place. No need to search for multiple forums and resources.
Get what you actually need to nail CISSP

Get mentored by Manoj

Manoj is an Industry champion and have helped over 100s of professionals get CISSP Certified. Learn practical Security for an industry leader  


Manoj Sharma

Hi there, my friend. Manoj Sharma here. I am the co-founder of CYBERNOUS and your mentor in your CISSP Journey.

I am a cybersecurity professional with 2 decades of cybersecurity experience in various security domains and industries. I have been providing mentorship on Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) for more than 6 years now and have trained 3000+ cybersecurity professionals.

You know what, the current training industry seriously lacks an end-to-end preparation approach for CISSP exam and the bootcamp trainings typically ranging from 40-60 hours boot camp barely help as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam test your approach on risk-based decision making and security leadership skills instead of technical skills. Now adapting this approach may be daunting for many and it takes time. For sure, it's not possible with a bootcamp/short term training course as developing this mindset takes time. To sort this out, you need an end-to-end CISSP preparation plan preparing you with the right mindset and required skills.

Having a good CISSP Mentor can change the game by aligning your approach and focusing your effort on what is important for CISSP exam apart from keeping you motivated throughout you CISSP journey. Thankfully god blessed me with these skills and it's been my goal for the last 6 years.

Come along and follow my approach and you will Succeed!

Interested? see how is this done...

1. Cohort (Hybrid) Learning Model: This is not just another video course. While you get the flexibility to learn at your own comfort, you also get benefitted by joining my live classes on Weekend to clear the concepts and exam practice.

2. Set Success Plan: I have curated a unique success plan with small targets for next 100 days containing small bytes of videos, Quiz and customized notes. This plan has worked wonders for many.

2. Reading is boring, I know : Go through precise CISSP notes, which combines Shon Harris, Sybex and (ISC)2 Official Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). Free up yourself from going through boring heavyweight books.

3. Practice exam questions, NOT in tandem, but in PARALLEL. You get FREE access to the CISSP exam engine with 2500+ CISSP Questions, including mock tests throughout your CISSP journey.


Gautham Bangari
(Nailed CISSP in Sep 22)

“Today I passed my CISSP after 3 months of rigorous training by Manoj. Manoj is on top of the subject always. It was an amazing CISSP journey with Manoj.
The 100 Days plan is perfect and the CCCure exam engine provided for fee really helped.”

Nailed CISSP in Aug 22

“Hi, Manoj, you are amazing man. I just passed my CISSP yesterday. After attending your CISSP Training, my perspectives for cybersecurity have changed immensely and I started getting more respect from leadership. Thank you for all the support and  tireless mentorship!"

Sai Thakkella
Nailed CISSP in April 22

“Manoj has a very professional approach towards his training sessions. I am amazed to attend his classes, he makes complex topics so easy to understand. I would highly recommend him for his training and excellent coaching. Thank you so very much sir.”

Chahak Mittal
Nailed CISSP in Jun 22

“I have attended many workshops related to cyber security, but the approach of Manoj is remarkable. He is the best mentor, guide and coach of CISSP. His deep understanding on subject and willingness to help others makes him the best coach"

Nailed CISSP in Dec 22

The Mission CISSP Program is awesome, It provided me small bits every day and prepared me to successfully pass my CISSP in Dec 22. Live classes by Manoj is super helpful to set the right perspective to pass the CISSP Exam. Highly recommended. 

Abhishek Saraswat
Nailed CISSP in Oct 22

Mission CISSP is the only of its kind of course which prepared me end to end and helped me pass my CISSP exam in the First attempt in October 2022. Manoj is an amazing instructor and mentor and explains complex concepts in the simplest manner. Kudos!

Umesh Sahoo
Nailed CISSP in Dec 22

Amazing program and Amazing people in Cybernous. Manoj and Pratima mam were there to support all through my CISSP Journey. Passed my CISSP Exam in the First attempt  Many thanks to Manoj for his excellent coaching!

Sushil Parasar
Nailed CISSP in Dec 22

Hey, I passed my CISSP today. After a lot of research on CISSP trainings, I finally landed up with Cybernous. I must say, this program is very different from other CISSP trainings which are mostly meant for the purpose of business. Amazing Experience!