CISSP Certification


CISSP Official

Computer Information System Security Professional (CISSP) Credential is an aspiration for almost all security professionals who wants to grow up higher in the ladder. Obtaining CISSP credentials proves your ability to understand all aspects of security holistically and provides a minimum level of assurance to your leadership that you are capable to make the right decisions in the ever-challenging security landscape.

If you are the one aspiring to pass your CISSP exam in the first attempt, worth to follow the below tips:

Have you committed yourself? 

CISSP is an intensive engagement. It very important that you are committed to yourself before you start preparing for CISSP since this may take a few months based on your experience and understanding of security. While you need not be an expert in each and every domain, you need to at least understand the basic concepts of a wide range of technologies. It’s important to understand how much time you can devote to preparation with your current project/work engagements. I have seen a lot of security professionals getting started for preparations but don’t see a lot touching up the final line due to the fact that they are not committed well.

Many people fail or leave preparation due to a lack of proper planning. Have you planned better?

Failing to plan is planning to fail. It’s recommended to plan your preparation before you dive in. Based on your experience and expertise you may plan out the preparation duration from 2 -6 months. As per my experience, if you are not the one backed with lots of experience, 4 -5 months should be a better bet. There are a total of 8 domains and you can’t afford to skip any one of it. If you are not a super-efficient scholar, which it’s always recommended to go for an online/classroom training to have a grasp of the entire coverage. The biggest benefit is that you get to know the overall context and concepts within a short time and then you can go through the books which will make it super easy for you to plan and read. So plan it better.

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